Volleyball festival mesmerises lots of children in Minsk

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Minsk, Belarus, December 4, 2018. Some 190 children enjoyed with much passion and enthusiasm their introduction to Volleyball at an event hosted by the sports school of the Volleyball Club Minsk in the Belarusian capital. Many parents and grandparents attended the class as well after travelling from across the city of Minsk to the sports complex MAPID. 

The event started with an address by the school’s director, Oksana Shevchenko, who presented the structure of the sports school, its history as well as its achievements throughout the years. The official opening was then in the hands of the highest authorities of the Belarus Volleyball Federation, i.e. newly elected President Eduard Venski, who joined the event together with his whole family, and Secretary General Ala Teterina. 


After an additional address by the Deputy Chairman of the VC Minsk, Sergey Alexandrovich, it was about time for the Volleyball introduction. Hanna Hryshkevich and Roman Pasovets, players of Minchanka MINSK and MAPID respectively, took the lead together with Mr Venski. The children learned how to pass the ball to their illustrious teachers, high-fived them and rushed to the mascot Zhora, a giraffe, to receive their very first Volleyball outfit. 

The young boys and girls looked visibly happy with the experience and their parents joined a friendly Volleyball match to end the event in style. The kids enjoyed watching their moms and dads performing on the court with the eventual victory going to the team featuring the President of the Belarus Volleyball Federation, Mr Venski, himself a former Belarusian national champion with Shakhtior SOLIGORSK. 


“This is the first time we host such an action,” Ms Shevchenko said. “We decided to replace the more traditional introduction to Volleyball with this festival. It is good for children and parents alike. I think the kids will remember for a very long time the knowledge they acquired while playing with Hanna Hryshkevich, a member of Minchanka MINSK and of the Belarus national team as well. The boys and girls liked also the special ceremony where they received gadgets from our mascot. I think they will be taking a good approach towards training and the work done at our sports school.”

Information by cev.lu