Volleyball Masters from Russia and Belarus Reign in EEVZA Masters Tournament

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania, January 28, 2017. 20 teams from seven countries – Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine – in six age groups took their stand to compete in 2018 EEVZA Masters tournament consecutively hosted by Lithuania. 

Intensive battles emerged in the capital of Lithuania. A total of 9 women’s teams of age groups from 35+ to 50+ were participating in the competition and 11 teams consisting of players aged 40+ to 60+ were competing for the top honours in the men’s tournament.

In women s age group of 35+, even three teams scored an equal number of points and only the winning / losing set ratio defined the winner - MFV team from Moscow (Russia). The second place in the age group 35+ was Daugavpils "DAMAS KLUBS" from Latvia, the third place was taken by Tallinn "PIRITA" from Estonia.

Russian representatives also won gold in the age group of 50+, where they beat ukrainian team.

Hosting country team LAIMA claimed the gold medals in the women’s age group 40+. 

"We are so proud that even two Moscow women s teams claimed gold medals in the tournament. We have to admit, that it was really tough, as all the teams from Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and the hosting the teams were very capable and hard to beat. The organization of the tournament was also perfect and we had our best time staying here in Vilnius not only in court, but also outside it.” shared her impressions one of the golden players from Moscow MFV team Natalia Nikonionok.

Amongs men in the age group 40+ were Polotsk masters from Belarus, who defeated Poland’s “Kaman volley” in their fight for golden medals.

In the men s 45+ group “Kaman volley” from Poland claimed gold medals. They confidently beat masters of the Minsk "Siabry" (Belarus). Bronze medals were won by the tournament hosts of Vilnius "Tinklas" athletes.

In the men s age 60+ group age Minsk "Siabry" (Belarus), who beat the second-largest veteran of the Riga "Deputats and Draugi" (Latvija). The bronze medals also went to Vilnius team "Kuro aparatūra”.