Russia and Germany claim top honours at 1-Star Alanya Open

Monday 4th of June 2018

Alanya, Turkey, June 3, 2018. Ruslan Bykanov and Maksim Hudyakov claimed the gold medal for Russia following their triumph in the ‘grand finale’ of the men’s competition against Turkey’s Murat Giginoglu and Volkan Gögtepe at the 1-Star Alanya Open in Turkey. Ukraine’s Oleksii Denin and Denys Denysenko completed the podium following their victory in the bronze medal match with Switzerland’s Florian Breer and Yves Haussener.

The final was a real delight for the audience with the Turkish home stars Giginoglu/Gögtepe displaying an extremely solid defence game as Hudyakov/Bykanov responded with their powerful attacks. Hudyakov/Bykanov won the first set 21-13 but Giginoglu and Gögtepe were able to fight their way back and eventually won the second set 21-16. The third set was a dramatic affair where Russia came back again to emerge victorious at 15-11.

Ruslan Bykanov (RUS) celebrates his triumph in Alanya 

Ukraine’s Denin/Denysenko and Switzerland’s Breer/Haussener fought for a spot on the podium earlier in the afternoon. The Ukrainian side celebrated an 18-21, 21-14 and 17-15 victory to secure the bronze medals. “We are happy with the result; it is not excellent, yet it is good for us. We loved the Turkish crowd, as they are so passionate and enthusiastic,” Denysenko said. 

Germans upset reigning ‘Queens of the Snow’ in women’s final 

Germany’s Sarah Schneider and Viktoria Sebeer are the eventual winners of the 1-Star Alanya Open after they edged their opponents in the semi-finals and gold medal match they contested on Sunday. Turkish “Queens of the Snow” Aleyna Vence and Bugra Eryildiz claimed a historic silver medal for Turkey as Russia’s Daria Rudykh/Elizaveta Zayonchkovskaya secured the bronze for Russia. 

The Germans rose to the occasion in the final with Vence/Eryildiz and eventually sealed an 18-21, 21-13, 15-13 victory. 

Teams from Germany and Turkey contested the final act of the women’s competition in Alanya 

The bronze medal match featured Russia’s Rudykh/Zayonchkovskaya vs. Italy’s Silvia Costantini/Gaia Traballi. Rudykh/Zayonchkovskaya won the first set 21-15 but Costantini and Traballi were able to fight their way back and eventually won the second set 21-13. However, the Russian side won the tiebreak (15-12) to secure their spot on the podium. 

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