Play Volleyball, grow with it - more than a slogan for Armenian children

Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Yerevan, Armenia, May 14, 2019. The Volleyball Federation of Armenia (VFA) continue their hard and extensive work with school pupils in order to grow the game in the Caucasus country. The last stop of their tour across Armenia came in the village of Arazap, Armavir Region, close to the iconic peak of Mount Ararat, where a Volleyball festival took place at the local school. 

The chairperson of the local community, Master of sport in Volleyball, captain of the Armenian national team and Member of the VFA Board of Administration, Mr Manvel Harutyunyan, and Master of sport, Mr Manuk Manukyan, attended the event, which involved many children trying to learn the basic skills of the game for the very first time.


The physical education teachers of the local school took part in the festival with great enthusiasm as well, familiarised with the latest changes in the rules of the game and expressed their deep gratitude towards the VFA and CEV for their support in the delivery of this amazing event. The VFA provided the school with nets and balls offered by CEV to make sure the children continue to play Volleyball and grow with it, as the slogan of the project reads. 


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