Getting to know: the ‘Atomic libero’ Agata Durajczyk

Sunday 20th of December 2015

Sopot, Poland, December 20, 2015. Poland’s vice champions PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT have always been lucky when it comes to their libero players. After a few brilliant seasons with Paulina Maj-Erwardt and Mariola Zenik, PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT signed the very promising Agata Durajczyk already in 2014. It was definitely Volleyball bull’s eye as Durajczyk has since become one of best liberos in Europe, and she is known for being a hardworking, ambitious, and yet modest person. 

At the beginning of her adventure in sports, Durajczyk was very far away from the idea of becoming a Volleyball player. “I first dreamed of becoming a figure skater. Then I changed my mind, but it was quite close to my first thought – I decided to be just a dancer. Finally, I chose Volleyball – I fell in love with this discipline while being at school and joined a local club in Gdansk. I first played as an outside spiker, but coaches remarked quickly that I would be more suited to play as a libero,” Durajczyk recalls. “Since the very beginning of my professional career I have been admiring Brazilian libero Sergio very much and he definitely is my Volleyball idol. Now I’m happy to play for PGE Atom Trefl, but my biggest dream is to win an Olympic medal.” 

The year 2015 was a very successful one for the 26-year-old Durajczyk. She was chosen as best libero of Poland’s national cup and claimed that honour for the first time in her career. Additionally, a silver medal with PGE Atom Trefl SOPOT in Poland’s national league as well as in the 2015 CEV Volleyball Cup belong to the greatest achievements in her career so far. She was also a member of Poland’s national team that won silver at the Baku 2015 European Games last June.  

On the court, Durajczyk is nothing but a volcano of energy – it is hard to imagine the team under the guidance of Lorenzo Micelli without such strong character who is pivotal in motivating all other players to keep on fighting and improving. Off the court, Durajczyk is a very modest person, who never refuses to talk to the press, however the journalists must be very careful as she got used to running with a smile through the mixed zone behind the backs of much taller friends from her team.

“My team is the thing that gives me that power inside the court. Personally, I am quite inflammable, I must admit... But I’m also kind of an optimist, intriguing person,” she says.

But for sure, she is also a sort of selfless dreamer. “I like reading books and my favourite one is without a doubt Alice in Wonderland... That’s because sometimes I would like to jump back into the world of my childhood, the world of fairy tales. But that’s not what I would do if I could make a wish of mine come true. If I had that chance, I would try and improve today’s world, bringing peace everywhere and to everyone,” she concludes. 

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