EEVZA event in Yerevan reaching its climax

Sunday 10th of September 2017

Yerevan, Armenia, September 9, 2017. The second day of the men’s-only 2017 EEVZA Beach Volleyball Tour tournament in Yerevan came to prove that the matches become more interesting, with players competing more enthusiastically, as the event drives to its end.




In total twelve matches were held on this day. Unfortunately, none of the host country teams made it to the finals, but this was an unforgettable experience for the Armenian youngsters. The final rounds are truly promising, with six matches left on the last day of the tournament. 

The two teams already known to compete in the semi-finals are Maxim Sivolap/Igor Velichko and Ruslan Daianov/Yury Bogatov, both representing Russia. The other two will emerge only after the matches featuring Vladyslav Iemelianchyk/Denys Denysenko (UKR) against Pavel Shustrov/Anton Saraev (RUS) and Evgen Zhuravel/Iaroslav Gordieiev (UKR) against Aliaksandr Dziadkou/Aliaksandr Kavalenka (BLR).

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