Armenia deliver highly successful ‘We play Volleyball’ festival

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

Yerevan, Armenia, June 2, 2019. On Saturday, June 1, the Volleyball Federation of Armenia (VFA) held in Yerevan a ‘We play Volleyball’ festival in conjunction with the celebrations for the International Children’s Day. A few hundreds of children from Yerevan and from different regions of Armenia took part, including kids living in the suburbs of the Armenian capital and just lovers of the game.             

The organisers used for the occasion the Volleyball flooring provided by FIVB to VFA for the so-called Hub Project. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to use such equipment and expressed their gratitude about its quality. 

The best and most talented players received prizes and gifts at the end of the festival. VFA President Hrachya Muradyan said, “This festival was big step for the development of Volleyball and the sports flooring provided by FIVB will certainly help us achieve this goal.”


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